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8 Essential Branding Steps

By 28 March, 2016 No Comments
Could Your Brand Be Holding Your Business Back?

8 Essential Branding Steps to Help You Thrive

It’s easy to get stuck working IN your business, rather than ON your business, especially when busy.

It’s just as easy for business owners or employees to dismiss their branding as seemingly unimportant. In reality your brand is your single most powerful communication tool, and largely dictates how the world views your business.

We live in an age where we are consistently confronted with a barrage of information. This makes it even more difficult to cut through the white noise and stand out from your competition.

A well thought out brand can go a long way in allowing you to outshine your competitors and ultimately grow your business.


Define Your Brand’s Mission

Describe what your brand hopes to communicate to your customer and why? Who are you and what makes you different? What are your core brand values?


Determine Your Target Audience

Who is your customer? Where do they live, where do they socialise, what products do they use etc?


Who Is Your Competition?

Research them, what are they doing well? What could they be doing better? How and why are you different from them?


Define Your Brand Personality

If you were to describe your brand as a person, who would they be? Build a profile of your ideal client.


Put Together a Detailed Creative Brief

Get together with your designer. The more information you can bring, the better. Who is your target market? What’s your unique selling point? What would you like your overall brand to look like? A platform such as Pinterest is a great way to create a mood board of images that you like. This will help show us what you like, and why you like it.


Create Your Core Branding

Partnering with a design studio that understands your brand message will go a long way in creating the best possible result for your business. Begin with a corporate identity that ties in with your brand strategy. Next, develop a website, this will be where your customer gets their first impression of your business. It’s also a great tool in developing leads and will act as your main communication tool should you take a broader blanket approach to marketing.


Develop Social Media Profiles

Despite what you may think, it’s not necessary to be across all social media channels. Choose only the platforms that are appropriate for your target audience. Two well-maintained and updated profiles are far more beneficial than ten stagnant ones.


Collateral. What Do You Need?

Consistency across all of your marketing material is crucial; make this your priority. Brands can easily become diluted if not presented uniformly. Work out what your main forms of interaction are with your clients – is it your stationary? Is it your website? Work at getting them 100% right.

Check out Megumi Miki to see how we have created a strong brand identity using the steps above.

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